Move In / Out Cleaning Service:

If you live or lived in an apartment or condo before you know that moving in or out can be very stressful and without the added inconvenience of cleaning the place, where you are moving to or moving from.

We are often able to work directly with your property manager to determine the cleaning requirements necessary to receive your full security deposit. With this package, you will pay a flat rate based on details of your home such as square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms.

There are no time limitations on your cleaning, and all touchable surfaces have to be cleaned up, these include:

  • Baseboards;
  • Trim Work;
  • Interior and Exterior Surfaces of Cabinets/Drawers;
  • Interior Windows
  • Blinds
  • Light Fixtures;
  • Doors
  • Countertops;
  • Appliances (includes inside of oven and microwave);

But this list normally is bigger, and don’t forget about vacuuming and moping all floors/rugs! Mermaid Cleaning offers moving cleaning to both residences and businesses. We will clean your space within your specifications and to your satisfaction, so there’s no cleaning job we won’t tackle in your move.